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'The Five Keys to Health' DVD
by Dr. James W. Gatza

Dr. Gatza's '21 Days' Total Shake™ Program e-booklet does not, and was not intended to, explain 'why' his program works or even 'how' it is vital to your health. Yet, the 'why' and 'how' this program works the miracles that it does are things that you really need to know! With that in mind, Dr. Gatza wrote his 'The End of Health Roulette' book and recorded his popular lecture 'The Five Keys to Health' on DVD.

After 15 years of research in more than twelve healing arts, and working with thousands of patients, Dr. Gatza isolated the Five Keys to Health that everyone must do in order to be healthy and stay healthy. These concern the basic, common things that go wrong with a person's body.

"What I have seen over the years is that when these Five Keys To Health are addressed correctly, health improves. If the Five Keys are not addressed, or not correctly addressed, then health is not achievable no matter what else one tries."
~ Dr. James Gatza

This DVD covers why more American's than ever are suffering from so many body difficulties. On this DVD, Dr. Gatza will show you in simple terms how health problems develop and exactly what you can do to heal your body!

"The results are phenomenal! In just three short weeks I have energy I haven't had for 14 years! I haven't had a headache. My chest muscles have relaxed so much I can't believe it. My outlook on life has changed since I now feel like doing more." Kathy S.

The material covered in this talk relates directly to why a person has health problems and what can be done at first to reduce and then eliminate them!

'The Five Keys to Health' are very easy to understand. In fact, after learning these powerful laws, both the patient and the seasoned health professionals will know exactly what they need to do. No matter what other type of program you try, it won't fully handle all health problem unless these Five Keys are properly addressed. I made sure these each of these things were working correctly for my patients and they had great results.

The Five Keys To Health DVD

'The Five Keys to Health' DVD


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"You can learn these Five Keys by watching 'The Five Keys to Health' DVD and, in more depth, by reading my book, 'The End of Health Roulette'. The Five Keys are the basis of my success with over 12,000 people. This is the health solution you have been looking for." ~ Dr. James Gatza.


The vital information on this DVD has helped thousands to gain control over their health.


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Five Keys to Health DVD
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