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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

( NOTE: Answers to recent additional questions are posted at the bottom of this FAQ.)

For doctors:

Are there any preconditions or other requirements to purchase Total Shake at wholesale prices? Doctors need only to have a licensed active practice. The Total Shake may only be sold at the physical location of the Doctor's practice (e.g., not offered on the internet or elsewhere). There are no other preconditions, requirements, or agreements to sign.

Is there a minimum order? None. For doctors who want to offer Total Shake and the Total Shake Program at their practice, there is no minimum order. We do recommend that the first order be at least 10 boxes of Total Shake (60 Total Shakes) to get started but it is not a requirement. The reason is that we have found that those who have plenty of Total Shake on hand will sell more Total Shake. Also, sixty (60) Total Shakes is enough for only fifteen (15) of your patients to do the 21-day Total Shake Program.

What is my price? Please call us toll free at 877-241-2817 or submit the form found here. The suggested retail sales price range is $62 to $72 each. Your wholesale price will reflect a very substantial discount.

For distributors:

Are there any preconditions or other requirements to purchase Total Shake at wholesale prices?

(1) Any businessman based outside the U.S. can apply to become a non-exclusive distributor for a country or territory that he specifies. We may grant an exclusive distributorship for that country or territory if is a area of paticularly interest, there are compelling reasons to do so, and a sufficient volume of sales can be maintained.

(2) The applicant must sign our standard distributor agreement which provides normal legal protections for both parties.

(3) The new distributor must make an minimum purchase of 17 boxes of Total Shake (102 Total Shakes) each time he orders, and pay for the shipping and any import fees. The normal point of origin is Clearwater, Florida, U.S.

(3) Any means of promotion, marketing and sales may be used by a distributor with the exception that the distributor may not market or sell Total Shake on a website.

Is there a minimum order? Yes. For distributors, the minimum inital order is 102 Total Shakes (17 boxes with 6 Total Shakes each). We will arrange the shipping to your location and provide you with the cost and other details before proceeding with the shipment. Or you can specify a shipper. Overseas shipping costs are typically in the range of _____ to ______ per Total Shake depending on destination and size of the order. The normal point of origin is Clearwater, Florida, U.S.

What is the wholesale price? Please call us toll free at 877-241-2817. The normal actual retail sales price is $62 each. Your wholesale price will reflect a very substantial discount.

For patients and other consumers of Total Shake:

What does nutritional replenishment have to do with my health? The various precursors to disease (including low energy, poor sleep, weight gain, inability to lose weight, poor digestion, etc.) and symptoms of disease occur for the reasons I wrote in my book, 'The End of Health Roulette', and also explained in my DVD, 'The Five Keys to Health'. One of those reasons is that your body is missing the nutrients it needs to heal itself. I found every patient to be deficient in several key nutrients. So, replenishing the nutrients your body needs is key to handling your symptoms (along with handling what is causing the rapid depletion of those same nutrients). My "21 Days" Total Shake Detoxification (& replenishment) Program was designed with these five keys to health in mind and it is why this program has accomplished health miracles for so many people.

Why is detoxification vital to my health? If the body is toxic, it is all but impossible to replenish the nutrients it needs to improve health. I have determined that health problems occur because of deficiencies in the vital nutrients the body needs. In order to get those nutrients built up sufficiently, it is necessary to detox - to get rid of all the poisons that have built up in your system. Until these poisons are removed they will force your body to use its nutrients to fight them constantly. A quick way to find out if your body may be toxic can be found here.

What do food sensitivities or food allergies have to do with my symptoms? Food allergies and food sensitivities do two things. One, they cause inflammation and two, they force the body to use up vital nutrients to fight off the allergic or sensitive reaction. In short, food allergies strip your body of vitamins, minerals and enzymes while causing it to swell up with inflammation. There is much more information on this in my book, 'The End of Health Roulette'.

Is it okay for me to have additional shakes if I get hungry? Yes, you can have up to 8 shakes a day during the normal 21 Days Program or up to 5 shakes a day during the Modified 21 Days Program. All that happens is that you have more vitamin and nutritional replenishment. It's very important not to go more than 3 hours without a shake. Also, do not skip a shake. If you skip one, your blood sugar can drop. If this occurs, it is hard to recover your energy. Additionally, decreased blood sugar can increase your cravings tremendously.

How long do I need to stay on Dr. Gatza's program? My "21 Days Total Shake Program" takes just that: 21 days. After you complete my "21 Days" Program, you may feel the best you have in years and maybe even have achieved a feeling of well being that you didn't know was possible. However, it is important that you not then go back to your old habits which contributed to your original symptoms or weight gain. My "21 Days" Program e-booklet contains specific dietary guidelines for after you complete the program.

In addition, there are specific reasons why my "21 Days" Total Shake Program works so well and, believe me, you need to understand these reasons to lead a long, full and healthy life. These factors are covered in detail in my book, "The End of Health Roulette", and more broadly on my DVD, "The Five Keys to Health". Buy these today and change your life and your health forever.

If your symptoms before starting my 21 Day program were particularly severe or if you have a lot of weight to lose, you can increase the benefits you have achieved by extending the Total Shake™ program several weeks. Because my program does not involve drugs or stimulants, but instead replenishes nutrients and targets and enhances the ability of the body to fix and repair itself, it is a very good thing for your body.

You can also continue to augment your nutrition with Total Shake for as long as you like, e.g., taking it when you first get up in the morning and/or as a mid-afternoon energy booster. Many people find this to be of particular benefit.

Suggestion: Simply add 2 scoops of powder to an empty capped drink container, take it with you, and add cold water from a water dispenser when you're ready to drink the Total Shake™!

How often do I take the Total Shake powder during the "21 Days" Total Shake Program? See the following example schedules.

21 Days Program schedule example:
1st 3 days: 5 shakes a day (e.g., 7 a.m., 10 a.m., 1 p.m., 4 p.m., 7 p.m.)
Remaining 17 days: 1 meal + 4 shakes a day (e.g., 7 a.m. meal, 10 a.m. shake, 1 p.m. shake, 4 p.m. shake, 7 p.m. shake)

Modified 21 Days Program schedule example:
3 meals + 3 shakes a day (e.g. 7 a.m. meal, 10 a.m. shake, noon meal, 3 p.m. shake, 5 p.m. meal, 8 p.m. shake)

IMPORTANT: Be sure to download and read Dr. Gatza's "21 Days" Program e-booklet (free your purchase of Total Shake) which has more detailed instructions and specific meal guidance. And remember that you'll also be saving time and money on groceries, cooking, and restaurants during these three weeks.

The Modified 21 Days Program is designed for anyone who is not able to sustain the normal 21 Days Program. For example, someone who performs manual labor or engages in strenuous exercise may need more daily calories than are provided by the normal 21 Days Program.

How much Total Shake should I buy? Four containers of Total Shake will take you through the 21-Days Program.

Why should I believe that this program will help me? There is no need to believe anything. There is no intention or purpose to convince you of anything. I am only dealing with facts. If you have health problems, they are terrible for you to have to live with it. If you are taking medication, the drugs are killing you and you hate relying on them anyway. You can either continue on the path you are on, which has no hope of recovery whatsoever, or you can do something about it. My program is a proven program that gets results and makes very happy healthy people. The best way for you to approach this is to do my program with the intention to follow it exactly and fully believe that something can be done about your health problem. My recommendation is for you to start right now so you can feel better as quickly as possible.

Why are Dr. Gatza's nutritional supplements more expensive than those found in drugstores or on discount-vitamin websites? After working with over 8,000 patients, I was able to evaluate practically every brand of vitamin supplements that are available. What I found was that there were very few supplements that were made in such a way that your body actually benefits from taking them. In short, for a supplement to be effective it must be made from the highest quality raw materials - these are expensive. The supplement must also be made from hypoallergenic materials - this is really expensive. Also, the supplement must be made without fillers or preservatives - this is also more expensive. Additionally, the supplement must be made in such a way that it is easily digested and quickly absorbed. Precision Nutrients supplements are made with each of these points in mind, and I have chosen the 15 most common formulas that almost all of my patients needed to take. My supplements are actually very inexpensive because every time you take them you get the above desired result.

Have some people not been helped by Dr. Gatza's program? There have been some instances where patients did not improve on my program. For example, an asthma patient worked for an asbestos removal company and would not change his job. Another patient had a serious spinal problem which would not respond to treatment. But, for the vast majority, the results have been incredible.

Why aren't medical doctors promoting this solution over the use of drugs? Good question. I'd like to know the answer myself. I hope that if they read my book, they will start.

On Choosing a Non-drug Solution: Alternative-medicine non-drug solutions to health problems are generally unpopular with the mainstream medical establishment and considered to be nothing less than blasphemy by pharmaceutical corporations whose livelihood depends entirely on the continued sale of their patented drugs. Nevertheless, gradually, such views are changing. According to the American College for Advancement in Medicine, many physicians are now eager to learn more about natural medicine and how to best implement it into their practice. Scientists, teaching at nutritional seminars, report that attendees are often medical doctors, a vast departure from years past. More and more people are reporting that they have found relief from their symptoms through means other than drugs. Non-toxic non-drug treatments for many diseases are now slowly passing from the fringes of medicine into the mainstream.

Most importantly, do not depend entirely on the opinions of others. In particular, do not surrender to the advice of corporate interests who are primarily interested in your money and not your health.

[Warning: The drug industry has flooded the internet with popular web sites providing 'medical advice' and 'health information' which push the use of pharmaceutical drugs as the only solution. What you may not know is that these attractive web sites are purposely (and misleadingly) designed to appear to be completely independent of pharmaceutical interests. Also, with respect to the 'independence' of our major news media outlets, keep in mind that the enormous amount of money spent by the drug industry for advertising understandably makes those media companies reluctant to bite the hand that feeds them.]

Instead, find out what has worked for others, including solutions that do not involve drugs or surgery. Read widely and understand all of your options. And, by all means, consult with your licensed health care professional. But, always keep your own counsel and make your own decisions. It's your life and your health!

Posted Answers to Recent Additional Customer Questions:

I would like to try the rest of your program right away (I downloaded the e-booklet), but I just have one question. I noticed it said I needed to only exercise 20 minutes or so while doing this. But after not exercising for over a decade, I've gotten back into martial arts recently (it's been about 3 months now) and can workout fairly strenuously when I take the rescue inhaler before class. My black belt test is in three weeks and they have a 'boot camp' where we will work out for 3 hours straight. So my question is...... Should I wait until this is over to do your program or can I do this activity while on your program?

Dr. Gatza: Yes, you can do this activity while on my program. My Modified "21 Days" Total Shake Program, as laid out on page 10 of my e-booklet, is ideal for your situation. The more exercise the better.  Keep up the good work. 

I can never eat after 4pm or so or I have asthma. I've tried everything, and am still struggling. I know I have food sensitivities as well. I do not eat fast food, I do not consume much sugar, do not eat dairy products and have cut out coffee altogether. I currently take asmanex and a rescue inhaler when needed. Whenever I try to get off the asmanex, the asthma is very bad. I am very determined to get off the meds.

Dr. Gatza: In addition to doing the "21 Days" Total Shake program, I would recommend that you are muscle tested for food allergies right away.  Especially wheat, white flour, corn, potato and oat.  It is a good idea to continue avoiding dairy altogether.  Most Asthmatics I saw also reacted to wheat and white flour.  (You can also learn how to 'muscle test' yourself with the instructions in my "The End of Health Roulette".)

Also, it is a very good idea to see a chiropractor who specializes in "Anteriorities of the Upper Thoracic Spine" - particularly T1, T2, T3 and T4.  These are the upper 4 thoracic vertebra and they protect the nerves that control the lungs.  All asthmatics I ever saw had spinal misalignment in these vertebra.  If the doctor doesn't know immediately what you are talking about, find a different one.  If you live in the Clearwater area, see my wife.  Dr. Julie Gatza. 727-449-2008.

What is the amount of the medium chain triglycerides in each serving of the shake? And is the purpose for these to enable patients to absorb needed fatty acids better? 

Dr. Gatza: A moderate amount is in the shake.  They are primarily for building your bodies ability to fight inflammation.  At http://www.itotalhealth.com/supplements.htm, you will see products of mine, EPA-DHA, GLA and High Omega Plus which are fatty acids you may need. I would muscle test for them as well.

I was wondering if any children have successfully done this program. I have a 7 year old and he has many food and environmental allergies and he has just been in the hospital for asthma attack and I really don’t want to put him on all the medicines they want to put him on (flovent, singular, abuterol, clariton). I would like to try something natural first. Is there anything that would be hard for a 7 year old to take?

Dr. Gatza: The child should be under medical or chiropractic care and deemed ok to do the Total Shake program by their doctor. If this is in place, my program is wonderful for improving the overall health of a child or adult. Be sure to consult your doctor to make sure it is ok. If they say it isn't ok, but can't really explain why, then find a better doctor that either sees the benefit of doing it, or can explain exactly why they are against it. Mostly, doctors just don't know much more than giving drugs, so many may tell you it's not a good idea just out of ignorance. Others have an agenda that they will never tell you - which is basically, "thinks all nutrition and detoxification programs are hogwash". This type of doctor is a waste of time to see because they just want to drug your child. Find a good holistic medical practitioner or better yet, a chiropractor that specializes in applied kinesiology and you will be in great shape. My program can be of great help, so do the work to find the right doctor.

My 5 year old child has asthma and I'd like to help her with natural medicines. Is your program safe for children? Are you in contact with any children who have experienced improvement from your program? Could I have their contact information to speak to them about their experience?

Dr. Gatza has had many children and adults with asthma over years and has had great results using the program he offers now. However, he is unable to comment further or refer you to old patients due to government legal restrictions. His general advice would be that this program is the best program for detoxifying, nutritional balancing and overall health improvement. But for legal reasons he cannot go further than that, except to say that he feels every child should do his program so long as the child is under the care of a licensed medical or chiropractic doctor and the doctor feels the program will be ok based upon their examination of the child.

I downloaded Dr. Gatza's e-booklet and noticed that during the first three days of the "21 Days" program, a shake is taken every 3 hours with no other meals. I wanted to know if, in his experience, children will handle the "only shakes diet" for 3 whole days?

Dr. Gatza: This has never been a problem other than attitude type things, like, "I don't want to do this", or other such attitudes. Please remember that I cannot stress enough that any action taken for your children should include the care of a licensed doctor.

My daughter is very skinny from being sick for so long. Will she lose more weight during the 21 days of the program?

Dr. Gatza: Overweight people tend to lose a lot of weight on Total Shake because they have an abundance of fat, toxins and swelling all over the body. More slender people may lose any excess swelling or toxic build-up but don't generally lose other weight because it is not there to lose. The Total Shake helps to replenish nutrients so it is a very good thing. I was never so worried about weight, whether too much or too little, except in extreme cases. I was most interested in first detoxifying the poisons out and replenishing the nutrients that all bodies need to function normally. That being said, as I've pointed out before, any action taken for your children should include the care of a licensed doctor.

I understand that Dr. Gatza’s “21 Days” Total Shake Detoxification Program e-booklet specifies one meal each day which is to include meat.  Can a vegetarian do this program?

Dr. Gatza: Vegetarians will do great on this program. Following the 21 days program will produce tremendous results.  However, vegetarians will need to eat vegetables that have plenty of protein.

Additionally, over the years while working with vegetarians in my clinics I found that it is important for vegetarians to find alternative food sources for all dairy products and wheat/white flour products. Since vegetarians do not eat any meat products these two foods tend dominate their daily food intake. These foods are very hard on the digestive system and lead to further depleting the body of its nutrient reserves. This process and the effects of other key foods are explained in my book "The End of Health Roulette." Understanding these simple basics can be the difference between excellent health and poor health.

(I would also like you to know that this problem is not unique to vegetarians because the non-vegetarians that rely heavily on dairy and wheat products also tend to build up severe sensitivities that can stress the body towards the breaking point.) 

I feel strongly that it is important for vegetarians to make a strong effort to get recommended daily protein requirements. I believe many vegetarians do not get enough protein in their diets. Also, since meats do have large amounts of vitamins, minerals, etc., the vegetarian needs to eat a larger variety of foods that will provide the full spectrum of nutrients the body needs to perform the countless tasks it performs on a daily basis.


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